Pet Nutrition
& supplies

Montreal Road Animal Hospital

Prescription Diets

We offer a large variety of prescription diets to help your pets. These diets are designed to help your pets with a variety of medical issues from obesity to kidney or liver disease.

Weight loss diets and weight management diets

Our professional veterinary team can help your pets be successful with their weight loss in a safe manner by prescribing the most appropriate diets.

Diet for Metabolic diseases

Our veterinary prescription diets can also help with metabolic diseases such as diabetic diets, urinary health, kidney health, just to name a few.

Diets for Gastrointestinal health and Food allergies

We have many diets that can help your pets to manage allergies with many limited ingredient diets or novelty protein diets. If your pet has digestive issues, we have easy to digest food and intestinal diets to suit all needs.

Diet designed for Lifestyle

We have diets for growing puppies and kittens. We also carry diets for adult pets and seniors. 

All of these diets can be tailored to your pets’ needs with the aid of our amazing veterinary technician team. The calories can be calculated, and the feeding amounts can be tailored to your pet's needs and growth.

Needless to say, in our online shopping, we supply Pet toys, Bedding & litter and some fun stuff for your pets.