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We highly recommend pet insurance for you and your pet. It offers "peace of mind" should something come up with your pet. This page offers information from OVMA on what pet insurance is and what companies are available for you in Canada. They offer Free Online Quotes, so be sure to do your research. Find one that suits you and your pet best! Click below to get a list of questions to ask when shopping around.

** Please be advised that we do not benefit from any company and have no bias towards any particular one.**

Insurance Questions To Ask

CAA Pet Insurance

For CAA Members you can choose from three plans that range economical accident only coverage to comprehensive accident and illness coverage.

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HBC Pet Insurance

Offers three levels of comprehensive coverage that covers up to 80% of the cost of care and veterinary services. Visit their website to find out more details.

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Ontario SPCA

They have 5 coverage plans that includes an Intro plan. Along with getting a free quote online, you can also chat live with one of their specialists.

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Pet Care

Has eight different types of coverage for either cat or dog. Even coverage for those who are living in apartments (Tenant Care plan).

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Offers up to four different levels of coverage for your cat or dog. You can sign up for a Free six week trial for any cat or dog over the age of 8 weeks to 4 years of age. Please be sure to ask your veterinarian about it when your pet completes their health exam.

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Pets Plus Us

Designed by Veterinarian's and Owners, they offer different coverage options. From Wellness to Illness coverage and even different levels for each, this might have the coverage you are looking for.

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Presidents Choice

They offer a trial of One Free month of coverage. You also earn points you can put towards free groceries.

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Purina Care

Offers up to three coverage plans that cover treatment for accidents and illness, and one plan also covers preventive care.

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They have one simple and easy to understand plan for your pet (cat or dog). Depending on your specific budget and situation, you have the option to choose your own pet health insurance deductible, including the option for no deductible at all. It’s completely flexible and up to you. They offer Free 30 day trial for any pet between the ages of 8 weeks to 14 years of age.

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Walmart Pet Health

They have up to four different types of coverage. To find out more you must get a quote first. Please note they do not insure pets under 8 months of age.

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